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 Sandfly/ Isle of Hope businesses- look for our advertising packages coming soon!
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Sandfly is a thriving, bustling lowcountry community in Savannah, Georgia. Its dedicated business owners and their loyal patrons create a sense of fellowship and friendship, and we are all lucky to have this wonderful, little “unincorporated” area of Chatham County to call home.

“Established by African Americans in the nineteenth century, Sandfly is centered around the intersection of Montgomery Crossroad and Skidaway road. Many families in this community trace their ancestry to former slaves from nearby Wormsloe Plantation, bought land as free persons, and established homes and churches. After 1870 Central Avenue became the main route for the Industrial Streetcar System, making Sandfly a crossroads between the city of Savannah and Wormsloe Plantation, Bethesda Home for Boys, Isle of Hope, and Pinpoint. Sandfly continues to thrive as a historic African-American community.”
Source: http://georgiahistory.com/ghmi_marker_updated/sandfly/

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Proudly Displaying Our Love For Our Lowcountry Home!

We are currently working on potential partnerships with local stores. Until then, you can find all Sandfly Georgia merchandise at https://www.zazzle.com/sandflyga/products.
We have multiple colored t-shirts, keychains, hats, a “fanny pack” visor (hot style contender!), pillows and more!